November 7, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween was quite lovely this year.  Some of the fall leaves are still hanging on and the weather was pretty good, until a few houses into trick-or-treating when it started to rain.  Which was fine, since the kids really didn't need to go to more than a dozen homes to beg for free candy.

These first few photos are a walk we took the day before Halloween.  I wanted to go on a drive through the hills just north of us to enjoy some of the last of the beautiful fall colors and I dragged Brian away from work to join Simon and me.  The road we were on wove in and out, past the estates along the Bedford, NY and Greenwich, CT border.  We happened to find the Greenwich Audubon Society, which isn't very far from our home and is a gem in our own backyard.  

When we set out on our drive we weren't planning on going on a hike, but when life shows you a beautiful trail on a beautiful day, you have to go exploring.

A cemetery in Greenwich.



Ready for school.
Kindergarteners do a little parade and sing along on Halloween.
This is the moment when Oliver spotted us in the crowd of parents.
My little Halloween getup.
with about 20 cousins in Connecticut...
It was a little crazy.
Isabella as a "fashion vampire".

Oliver as a pirate.

Simon as a dragon.
This photo was taken after the 4th house.
He was ready to munch on candy not chase after more!


  1. I can't believe how grown up your children are getting. Love, love, love those beautiful Fall leaves.

    1. Thanks Kierna! Isn't amazing how quickly the little kids grow?

  2. hello! my name is jenny. i am from oregon. i found your blog through soulemama. your pictures are so beautiful. looks like you had a wonderful holiday :)


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