December 14, 2011

Simon: 1 year!!!

What a crazy, amazing day!  It's almost 6am and I am crying as I type this.  Where, oh where, has this year gone?!  How is it possible that my tiny baby boy is a whole year old today?!  This last year has been the best year of my life.

It is so much fun having Simon in our family.

Simon is hilarious, sweet, and expressive.  He "talks" very loudly (especially when others are chatting) and will often use his hands to make his point.  He loves his family.  He is so happy when everyone is home and he can crawl to and from each of us.

When that first beat of dancing music comes out of the speakers he dashes to Daddy and stretches his arms up as high as he can (and grunts "uh, uh, uh") until Brian picks him up and swings him around the room.

He loves to eat cheese, grapes, cheerios, quinoa and vegetable soups.  He will tolerate oatmeal if it has enough applesauce mixed in.  He won't eat anything with wheat in it.  (I'm assuming his horrible eczema was a reaction to wheat I was eating.  I was never successful eliminating it 100% from my diet.  But, fortunately he seems to have grown out of the skin reaction.)

He makes car sounds when he plays with cars.  And he loves to give kisses.  Tight lipped, with a long, "mmmmm".  Followed by a big smile.

He still take 3 hour naps every morning, which is lovely.

We recently started standing him on his own.  And the first few times he would lock his knees, get really excited, balance for 3 seconds and then fall over like a tree.  He has since learned to squat.

When he is tired he gets really, really goofy.  He will laugh at anything.

He insists on being held while I cook dinner.  He loves pulling things off counter tops.  Not a good combination in a tiny kitchen.

He gets really excited when he walks around holding onto our hands or while pushing a chair.

expert climber, not mama approved

Merry Christmas Baby Boy!  You are the most precious gift I have ever received!
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