July 15, 2011

Simon: 7 months

Simon is often called Silly Simon or Sweet Simon by those who adore him, and now I need to add Smiley Simon.  The kid will not stop smiling!  (I know, it is so difficult.)  He's almost mastered sitting up, but still will tip over on occasion. If he bumps his head he will begin to cry, then see me and smile.  Or Oliver might sit on him.  Simon will grunt look at me and smile as I rush to the rescue.  In the morning, as he begins to wake up, he starts to fuss, then finds a familiar face in the busy room and smiles.  It's perfectly wonderful having such as sweet, smiling baby.

He still rolls like crazy and has been caught pulling his knees up under him into a crawling position.  But lucky, for me, its only happened a couple times for a split second...so far.  He can also move from laying down on his back to sitting himself up pretty well.  It's impressive.

He's not fond of food, but willing to try it.  He gets super excited until the food item is actually in his mouth.  He then looks at me and tells me (with his eyes) that I must be crazy to put such things in his mouth.  And then he gags a bit.

We've reached beyond the 6 month bump and I feel like I am beginning to be normal again.  I get a few more hours of sleep sometimes.  And we are in our new normal groove.  I love it.  Life with Simon has always been perfect.  But this perfect is completely awesome.

In the last couple of weeks two different women (both were strangers--one just had her 3rd, the other about to have her 1st) have asked me advice, and told me I seem relaxed and wise.  I was surprised, but it felt good.

Someone recently told me my children have faces of cherubs.  I agree.

P.S. Simon currently has 6 teeth (4 on top, 2 on bottom) and another bottom tooth is about to pop out.

{this moment}

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