August 21, 2011

Summer Streets 2011: week three

Week three (yesterday, August 20) was over-the-top!  Brian's brother, sister, two nephews and some friends all joined us for Summer Streets.  We started as early as possible with a group that size.  I, once again, jogged with Simon in the stroller.  (I think he's too young to sit in a trailer or bike seat all day long.  It would have been hard on his little developing body.)  We did the entire part of Summer Streets (7 miles), went over the Brooklyn Bridge, hopped on a ferry to Governor's Island, enjoyed The Roaring 20's party, and then headed home.  After Governor's Island I took my boys home on the subway while the rest of the group biked up the Hudson River.  I'm guessing those that biked did 15-20 miles.  I think I did 10-12 miles walking/jogging with the stroller (for the record: it's not a "jogging" stroller!).

Getting ready to go!

Along the way

Running into (and with) good friends

REI stop in SoHo

Foley Square

Biking Brooklyn Bridge

The Roaring 20's Party

Governor's Island

Summer Streets 2011: week two

For the record: "week two" was last Saturday, August 13 (not yesterday).  I'm just running late in my posts, having too much fun to post anything, and procrastinating cleaning my house at the moment.

For week two we started downtown at Foley Square which was so much fun!  They had tons of stuff for kids and we could have easily spent a few hours there.  Brian rode his bike, I jogged with the stroller.  We stopped and played all along the route.  And before 1pm (when the streets open up to cars) we made it all the way up to Central Park (7 miles).

Here are some fun photos:

Foley Square


En Route

"Daddy's Building"

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