April 28, 2012

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Last Saturday we hummed and hawed over what to do.  It was beautiful outside but we were exhausted from our awesome food tour the day before.  With Brian's encouragement I hesitantly agreed to go all the way to Brooklyn to the Botanical Gardens.  I was worried it was too far and I was too exhausted already to make it a good day.  But, as usual, Brian was right.  Hiking out to Brooklyn was the most glorious thing we could have done that day.  We went slow and took it easy, which is exactly the best way to enjoy the Gardens.  It was a perfect day.

My favorite part was watching the kids play as the cherry blossoms were "snowing" in the breeze.  Simply glorious!

Did you know that if you arrive before 12 noon on Saturdays it is free?  How awesome is that?!

(he's very advanced)
more relaxing

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