July 5, 2012

Roughing It

It's raining. It's pouring. It's our first time camping with kids!

We are at Camp Joseph (located adjacent to the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial) in Sharon, VT. It's a beautiful campground. Some of us are staying in tents. Some of us are in a tiny cabin.

Last night we pitched tents, go rained on, built a fire, ran from the pouring rain, cooked a feast of tin foil dinners and hot dogs for the kids, got drenched in another downpour, revived our camp fire, ate s'mores, lit some sparklers and then cozied up and went to sleep. It was a full evening!

Luckily the rain has stopped, the birds are singing a most glorious morning chorus and everyone is still sleeping. I'm enjoying this magnificent morning. It is truly spectacular to watch the thick fog drift up into the sky through the layers of rolling green hills (mountains???) of Vermont as the sun rises in the east creating a canvas of calming pinks and blues.

This quiet, peaceful, radiant moment feels like heaven on earth.

I'm sad that I forgot to bring my Nikon, which captures moments much more beautifully than my iPhone. But I'm glad I had these fun photos to post (in no particular order).
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