September 13, 2008

A Day in the Life of a Rockstar...Baby!

Photo shoot in Tribeca.

Cab ride around the city.

Grabbing a tres leches treat at Doughnut Plant on the Lower East Side.

Riding dolphins in the East Village.

Practicing with the band (friends Angela, James & Baby Gabriel) in Midtown.

Labor Day Weekend in Connecticut

Just cute.

A typical, wonderful moment at the Carini's: talking, sharing, eating.

An accident waiting to happen!

A difficult life--being pulled by cousin Mina.

Beach Babies

A fabulous day at Jones Beach with friends. Specifically, Isabella's BFF: "Manoo" (Morgan). More fun beach photos found on their blog.

Breakfast Bar

My sweet, wonderful family enjoying breakfast.

About a month ago I finally bought a couple of bar stools for our kitchen. One of the best purchases of the year! I love cooking up pancakes, waffles, or whatever while my favorite people are near, enjoying the warm meal and chatting with me.

Movies with a View

I met up with some good friends to see The Shining at an outdoor showing near the Brooklyn Bridge. I had seen parts of the movie before and had a general idea what it was about but, man, it was freaky (and the sound was WAY too loud...I hate scary music!) . We actually left before the movie was over...just too freaky.

Here's a fun trailer spoof of The Shining:


You should have seen the other guy!

For a while Isabella was terrified of band-aids, so much so that attempting to put a band-aid on a wound became more traumatic than receiving the wound itself. To remedy that issue my mom suggested just leaving band-aids out for her to explore on her own. Now she loves band-aids and we are trying to limit: 1 band-aid a day keeps the boo boos away.

Oh, and she calls them "ban-dees". So cute!
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