January 26, 2012

The Climber

This little dude is a climber!  He's determined to get higher and higher each time.  I wish I had photo documentation of all the surfaces he's scaled, but some are just too dangerous to not immediately remove him.

I actually love these phases of each of my kids.  They have each had at least one phase when they innately had to perfect a physical skill.  They are determined to keep at it until they've got it.  Nothing can stop them!  I love it!  Isabella use to jump everywhere, off everything.  Oliver insisted on sitting at a very young age. Simon, he loves to climb.

It's a tricky one.  He has two older siblings who constantly move chairs and stools to very fun climbing spots.  (They both love to help me in the kitchen.)  And a mother who is a bit more distracted.  I'm getting into the habit of scanning the room and putting all chairs against the one open wall or the couch before putting Simon on the floor.  He's been known to try and push an older sibling off a chair so he can get on, or attempt to climb onto the chair while it is still being used.  Fortunately, he hasn't figured out that he can slide chairs to climbable spots.  At least not yet!

Warning: removing him while in the act will result in extreme body convulsions and ear piercing screams.

My Sickies

A few weeks ago Isabella got sick.  Mild fever, cough, etc.  It lasted for a good two weeks.  Then Simon got it.  Now it's Oliver's turn.  His was pretty mild and I had thought we were almost done, until last night.  Here's to another week of hibernation*.  Another week of lots of movies.  Another week of lots of cuddles.

*This year I am finding joy in slowing down and hibernating during the winter.  It feels good to spend time focused inside, making food, reading, cuddling and just enjoying this time.
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