November 1, 2011

My Amazing Oliver

Oliver is just shy of 2 1/2 years right now.  But he's growing and changing so much.  I keep thinking about how I need to record more about him right now.  He's completely adorable and wonderful.  I wish I could bottle up everything about him right now and save it.  In the future I could peek into that treasure that is right now and I would feel such immense joy.  Because that is what Oliver is: joy!  I want to savor these moments with him.

He is such an amazing little boy.  He is full of gentleness, compassion, and happiness.  He has always been very passionate.  He is very expressive with his emotions.  His happiness is completely contagious.  Many people have commented on how good they feel when he is around.  Strangers are often drawn to him and his cheerfulness.  He loves to laugh and he laughs long and hard.  Like the time when he was on the seesaw with Isabella; every time he went up, he laughed.  Once he laughed so hard he turned blue and almost passed out.  (I will never forget that second when he looked at me worried, wide eyed and blue faced, then he gasped.)  When he is sad, the whole world knows it.  His cry is strong, sad and very loud.  When he is angry he screams, throws food and/or whacks one of his siblings on the head.  Fortunately, he's so good natured that if he's sobbing we can usually toss him in the air a few times or fly him around the room and he'll begin cracking up again.

If he is on schedule he is happy 90% of the time.  Therefore, I am very dedicated to keeping him on schedule.  (I noticed this about him as early as 4 months old when he'd claw my neck raw if he was the least bit tired.)  He must eat within 10 minutes of waking up, he must snack around 10am, he must eat lunch at 12noon, nap at 1pm, dinner at 5pm and be in bed by 7pm.  As he's getting older he is becoming a little more flexible, but he is definitely a boy of order.

He speaks only a few words, but communicates very well.  We taught him a lot of signs early on, which he uses, but communicates beyond what we taught him.  He recently "told" me "Isabella is sad, she wants cold water" and, another time he expressed, "No, I don't want milk, I want water.  Isabella wants milk, and a fork."  There are times I have to play twenty questions to figure out what he wants.  If I can't seem to figure it out I'll start asking, "You want a hug?" or "You want kisses?"  He will often nod, yes, with a big grin.  I commence kissing him and tickling him all over.

Usually, he is quite obedient.  If I ask him to help clean up, or hop into the stroller he will quickly reply, "aa-igh" (alright) and do it.  And this mamma is very grateful for such a willing boy.

Oliver has an amazing imagination.  He's been "cooking" in his play kitchen for well over a year.  But he's always imagining something.  Frequently he is an airplane or rocket ship flying around, yelling "daadooo!" (blast off).  Just this morning he was pretending to lift something big and heavy and putting it on Simon's tray during breakfast.  Simon seemed to understand and laughed hysterically every time Oliver did it.

In the last week or so Simon has become enamored by his older brother.  Oliver is loving it!  Oliver seems to notice and adore Simon more because of it.  He tries to get Simon to chase after him.  If his efforts fail he will chase after Simon (crawling) or play peek-a-boo.  Both games make Simon laugh hysterically.  Oliver has also been watching out for Simon more.  Yesterday I was on the bed with the kids, reading to them.  Oliver was so worried Simon might fall off the bed (evening though I constantly had a firm hold on him) that I had to put Simon on the floor so we could continue our book.  Or when I was cooking eggs this morning, Simon held onto my legs.  Oliver kept telling Simon, "It's hot!  It's hot!" and then tried to get Simon out of the kitchen.

I'll be the first to admit Oliver is wrapped around my little finger.  For instance, a few days ago he got angry and he threw his fork during dinner.  I gave a firm, disapproving, "Oliver!"  He quickly shook his head, gasped, and looked at me completely surprise, mouth shaped like a cherrio.  I had to turn away to keep from laughing.  He is quick to sweetly apologize (without prompting usually) when he does cause trouble.  There's something about his eyebrows.  When he raises them and looks as me, my anger melts into adoration.

He is very compassionate (for a two year old).  I'm amazed how much he wants to help Isabella and Simon if they are upset.  He is a peacemaker.  This world needs more peacemakers like Oliver.  He is so generous with his happiness and goodness.  Anyone who takes a moment with him will understand and be touched by his joyful spirit.

His current loves:

  • cooking with me
  • cleaning with me
  • being read to
  • books, books, books
  • being tickled
  • trains (from Thomas to the subway)
  • eggs (he can eat 4 in one sitting)
  • oatmeal
  • being dressed (he doesn't like to be naked?)
  • taking photos of his mama
  • playing with Daddy
  • taunting his sister
  • the letters O, I & S (in that order)
  • pirates
  • anything the least bit silly
  • using scissors
  • building towers

Oliver is my joy!  I cannot describe how much I love this little boy of mine.  I am so blessed that he is mine.  My little boy forever.  When I was largely pregnant with him I had a memorable moment when a strong, warm felling come over me.  I knew the little boy inside of me was very, very special.  And it is true.  I am humbled and privileged that this sweet, silly, hilarious boy calls me, "Mamma".

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