January 11, 2010

Saturday was a Special Day

A good friend gave us fantastic tickets to the American Museum of Natural History.  We go there often but never into the special exhibits, which cost an arm and a leg.  We took advantage of the generous tickets and went to as many special exhibits as possible in one day.  It was fantastic fun.  Throw in lunch at the Shake Shack and dinner at Angon and it was a fun, exhausting day.

Funny thing: I realized I don't get "museum back" like I use to.  (Do you know what I'm talking about?)

The Butterfly Conservatory.
Isabella had asked to see real butterflies for the last few weeks and was excited that she might touch one.  (I don't know where the idea came from.)  But the reality (which I figured might happen) was fear.  Brian was very patient with her and they went in and out 3 times.  The last time she was so brave and calm until a huge butterfly came right toward her face.  Understandably freaky.  Above, she's experiencing the exhibit from outside the glass.

We saw Mysteries of the Great Lakes at the IMAX theater.  It wasn't a great IMAX film, but it was interesting. 

The Silk Road
I wasn't sure what to expect with the new Silk Road exhibit but I was pleasantly surprised.  There was enough interactive pieces that Isabella was able to be entertained most of the time.  I enjoyed the scents of the market: rose oil, musk, jasmine and watching the live silk worms at work.  Isabella loved stamping her passport along the way.  And Oliver found the coziest spot possible and took a little nap.  (He's never fallen asleep in my arms!)  Thanks Spencer!

A cold, but beautiful day!

Smothering Adoring her brother.

I love this photo!

After the Silk Road exhibit we were hankering for some Indian food and lychee bubble tea.  We hopped on the subway, down to the East Village to satisfy our cravings.  At Angon on the Sixth Isabella adored her way into a complementary mango lassi.  She was pretty proud of herself.

Getting out!

Last Thursday we met friends at the Met and then walked home through Central Park.  It's such a lovely park even in the bitter cold winter.  Although it couldn't have been too cold because I took off my coat...but I guess I was hauling Oliver in the ergo and pushing Isabella uphill...

I used to think I was such a wimp in the cold, but now I'm thinking just the bitter cold.  I'm a wimp when the windchill takes the air below 15 degrees.  (Which is quite frequently the last few weeks.)  When that happens I'll cancel all plans to take the kids outside.  I vote cabin fever over a teary numb face any day.  It really is amazing how warm 30 degrees feels after experiencing 5 degrees.  This week is forecast to reach 39 degrees.  Ahhh, spring!
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