March 31, 2009

California Moments, part I

Visiting the duck pond at one of my favorite childhood parks in Elk Grove.

Isabella LOVED wearing Aunt Alex's shoes. Alex has got style and my little girl knows it!

We ate too much ice cream! This photo is when it all started. During our long and scary night at the hospital I promised my brave little girl that after it was all over she could have some ice cream. When she woke up from the anesthesia in the hospital the first thing she asked for was ice cream. Now when she retells the story she says, "Medicine, doctor, go sleep, wake up, HAVE SOME ICE CREAM!!! Chocolate, really cold."

Celebrating my 28th birthday, again. My nephew, Silas, helps from afar.

Riding ATVs with Aunt Alex.

Getting dirty.

Throwing rocks into Folsom Lake with cousin Gillian.

Isabella getting her hair trimmed for the first time. She didn't like the process, but loved talking about it afterward.

Playing with cousin Emma and Harold, the duck.

Watching cousins Mary & Emma in their Roadshow.

Pulling the tall grass and feeding it to the horses.

Visiting the Sacramento Zoo and seeing the animals up close.
L to R: sister Anika, niece Gillian, Mom, Isabella, and nephew Silas.
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