June 4, 2008

Dining Out

Outside Doughnut Plant

Enjoying ice cream while waiting in line at Grimaldi's

While my mom was here we went to some of our favorite restaurants/eateries. But there are still so many I want to take her to, so she'll have to come back soon.

Ghenet--our favorite Ethiopian restaurant (and we've tried many)
Grimaldi's--one of our favorite pizzerias (Lombardi's is also good, Angelo's is good for Midtown, when I meet Brian for lunch)
Tabla--good, flavorful food. American food with Indian spices.
Doughnut Plant--I'm not a huge doughnut eater, but these were, um, AMAZING! The coconut creme was the most fantastic doughnut I have ever tasted.
The City Bakery--just for a couple shots of hot chocolate, of course.
Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory--while waiting in line for Grimaldi's
Hummus Place--so good and so cheap!
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