October 7, 2010

Birthday Girl!

Happy Birthday Isabella!

So many photos, so little time!  A random sampling of Isabella's first four years.

Isabella is the most amazing, wonderful girl.  In the past couple of months I feel like she has really blossomed (or finally outgrown those hair raising 2's and 3's).  She is a delight to converse with, teach, play with and learn from.

Her imagination is out of this world!  I love listening to her play on her own.  At least once a day she creates her own world with various people and they do all sorts of things.

She loves to help out and consistently asks how she can help.  Sometimes she will even says things like, "I'll stay here with Oliver and make sure he is safe while you go down stairs to do laundry."

Well, now both kids are up and needing their momma, so maybe I'll get a chance to post more about Isabella soon.
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