August 31, 2013

Last Days Living in NYC

Even though we returned from our major road trip adventures in mid May we continued to rent our apartment in NYC frequently during the summer, while we traveled in the northeast.  But our apartment on W 76th St was still our home, until we made the move to Westchester in September.  And at the time of these photos we didn't know, for sure, when or where (if at all) we would be moving.  Now looking at these photos (and finally posting them) in January, I'm a bit nostalgic for it all.

One of our last walks to church.
Playground at P.S. 87--our closest playground and a favorite!

I tell her she can't wear high heels until she's 15...this is her solution.
I'm always amazed by her creativity.

I want to frame this one.

Winding Down

Riding the ferry to Old Quebec
Our journey has come to an end?!  We are making plans for settling down; at least for a year, maybe two.  And I have an intense desire to write down everything that has happened.  As we end this chapter and begin a new one I fear I will forget all that has occurred these last few months.  I've been a diligent photojournalist, but so much more has happened that photos just can't quite capture.  My photos can capture where we went, what we did, and our overall experiences.  But how does a lens capture the character development that has occurred in this life story of mine.  How am I to capture the many life's lessons I learned?  How important is it that I adequately chronicle the unique challenges that we faced and overcame these last several months?  Can the words I write on the page be as vibrant and captivating as the photos I captured?

I hope to be able to write our experiences and our memories that are still mulling in our mental archives.  I would love for Brian share some of his thoughts in this space.  And hopefully even Isabella will take the opportunity to write some of her favorite parts and, perhaps, not so favorite parts of our journey.  I personally prefer to focus primarily on documenting the beautiful and good that occur in our lives.  But, I feel it is equally important to share some (not all) of the figurative speed bumps that we blundered over.  And what we have learned from these intense experiences.  Because if there has been no character development in my/our life story, what good is this story at all?
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