January 8, 2010

Unique New York #1

In an effort to use my camera more and also capture our everyday life here, in New York City, I'm setting a bit of a New Year's resolution.  With wee ones I hesitate setting anything too rigid (if anything at all) other than the necessities (i.e. take a shower).  (I never thought taking a shower could be a resolution...sweet children certainly change life, don't they?!)  I stray...back to my goal.  I'm hoping to photograph and share, here on the blog, 150 New York City moments this year.  I want to focus on things of the everyday--our everyday--that are unique to our lifestyle in Manhattan.  Why 150 photographs?  Well, one per day (365) sounds fun, but unattainable.  And somedays we have lots of fun, unique experiences which might necessitate more than one photo and other days are, well, pretty hum drum (especially during these cold months) when we don't leave the apartment.

Goals (in a nutshell):
1--carry, use, become more familiar with my Nikon D40
2--capture our everyday life in Manhattan

There you have it! 

~Unique New York~

Getting keys made for our new apartment at a hole-in-the-wall locksmith shop.  It's a door, a hallway, and a whole lot of keys.

And for the grandparents:


Thank you, Grandma Nikki, for all the cute kids hats for Christmas.  We love them!  Isabella wears a different one outside everyday.  (The next few posts--above--have Nikki's homemade hats as well.)
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