April 17, 2012

Spring Break

Since I got pregnant with Simon, two years ago, I haven't had the energy to really take advantage of all the fun stuff this city has to offer.  The main reason we live here is to experience all New York has to offer.  I feel a sense of guilt when I don't get out of the UWS very often: why spend so much money to live in a tight space if we don't do much?!

Last week was Isabella's spring break from school and we lived it up!  With the promise of good weather and the freedom from a school schedule we tried to do as much as possible.  This is how I love to live in New York!  We also loved that so many friends were able to join us on our many adventures!

Here's what we did:
The Bronx Zoo

The Brooklyn Children's Museum

A new playground and art projects when plans fell through

The Children's Museum of the Arts

A birthday party for a little friend
The Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater*
The International Autoshow
(Daddy's pick :))

It was a very fun, exhausting week.  It was nice to have an actual excuse to not do any housework, "Sorry Honey, I can't do laundry...It's Isabella's spring break!"

*Not a great show, in my opinion...the story was a little odd.
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