September 17, 2012

A Perfect Saturday

Lately we have been blessed with perfect weather, day after day. Cool in the mornings, sunny and mid 70's by the afternoon. Absolutely perfect.

It's days like these that rekindle my deep rooted love for New York City.

Saturday was fabulous. After hanging out at a church picnic for lunch we went out and enjoyed the city for the rest of the day. It has been a long time since we've wandered the city streets (something I use to do daily). And it had been months since I had been on the subway. Strange but true. So...Saturday was fabulous. We went downtown, walked a lot, browsed the Greenmarket in Union Square, happened upon a protest, went to the Folk Music Festival in Washington Square Park, enjoyed delicious tacos at Dos Toros, and wore ourselves out.

It was a perfect day in every way.
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