May 4, 2009

A Flash of Flavor!

Lately Isabella has been trying new foods. Last week we stopped into one of our favorite Vietnamese restaurants near Union Square (sorry, can't remember the name right now) and ordered her a plain rice, as usual. She took two bites of rice, grabbed Brian's curry noodle soup and finished it off. I was so surprised and impressed. And this silly nonsense, of trying foods, keeps happening! Yesterday she ate half my sandwich full of spicy meats. Who is this child?!

Harlem Garden

There was dirt all over the floor and under our fingernails. It was a perfect spring activity. I love my little helper. She's begun identifying herbs...well, at least rosemary.

Parsley, rosemary, lavender, oregano, and thyme.

Bella's New Bed

Everyone loves Isabella's new bed!
This happens every time friends come to visit.

**Thank you Heather! We love it!**

Weekend in Connecticut, part IV

Budding Blossoms

Weekend in Connecticut, part III

The Club House

Weekend in Connecticut, part II

Sweet Sunshine!

Weekend in Connecticut, part I

Cotton Hollow

Last week was crazy-busy (tons of parties!) so this is my first opportunity, in over a week, to post about our last trip Connecticut. (Which was also our last trip until after baby boy makes his debut! Yikes, it's getting close!) The weather was absolutely fabulous and was a nice, needed break from the cold, rainy spring weather we seem plagued with this season.

All photos below are taken on our hike in Cotton Hollow, which is about a 5 minute drive from Brian's family's house. So beautiful, so fun!

Roman...throwing rocks.

Devon...throwing rocks.

Isabella figured out how to put the window down.
She loved letting the wind blow in her hair.

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