April 9, 2011

Liesl & Co.

I don't consider myself a seamstress (sewer? sewist?) by any means.  But I have learned to sew a bit these last few years.  My mom taught me the basics when I was a teen and I sewed a few items, but never really liked what I made.  Since a friend gave me an old 1930's Singer I've attempted to make a few items for Isabella and I've loved it.  Other than coaching from my mom (and a bit from my sister) I owe my sewing success to the Oliver + S patterns created by Liesl & Co.  I have loved everything I have made.  I so wish I had more time, money and space to make more of these adorable clothes for my children.

Last Saturday Liesl was part of the Crafternoon at the New York Public Library.  Last minute I decided to head down there with Isabella to make super cute paper dolls.  It was a pleasure to meet Liesl and thank her, in person, for teaching me how to sew.  She was fun to talk with and generously held Simon almost the whole time as she met and talked with a room full of crafters.

Here are the clothes I made from the Oliver + S patterns.  I really want to make more...

The 2+2 blouse and skirt.  I made the mistake of making the top green.
She only wore the top twice because it was green.
The skirt got plenty of use (with a purchased pink top).

The bubble dress.  She'll wear this again this summer.

The lazy days skirt.  Super-duper easy!  I plan to make a few more this year.
Click on the link for the free tutorial.

The tea-party sundress.  Isabella's favorite!  She still asks if she can wear it.
It's too small & has been in storage for 2 years now.
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