December 2, 2011

On a warm winter's day...

You know when Mother Nature gives you days full of 60 degrees and sunshine at the end of November there's no point to wasting it!  On Monday I left the house at 8:20am to take Isabella to school and we rolled in and straight to bed at 9:00pm that night.  It was a day full of spontaneity and fun.  It was a lovely.  I walked all day long, like the good ole days.  I learned that my feet have become wimps in the last year.

All the Thanksgiving tourists had left and Central Park felt more peaceful than usual.  Like the quiet calm after a sudden, raging storm.  We soaked in the tranquility.  I snapped tons of photos of my willing boy, turned super model for the day.  I was his paparazzi.
The Bow Bridge.  It's the one in all the movies.
Letters out of sticks.
Leaf hat on The Mall.
Being a monkey at the Central Park Zoo.
Dining on Waffles & Dinges.
After eating his Waffles & Dinges, Oliver crashed and Simon woke up from his morning nap.  We walked all the way to the Chrysler Building and met Brian for lunch.  We ate at my new favorite sandwich shop, Potbelly.  Awesome, tasty, filling sandwiches for $5.50!

Simon's lunch: Joe's Os.
During lunch break we walked to the UN.  And back.
After we picked up Isabella from school we ate, played, and headed to the Winter's Eve Celebration at Lincoln Center.
Chipotle on a rock in Central Park.  Where do you eat your Chipotle.
The anti-climatic tree lighting.  "Alright, now that we have a gazillion people looking at this tree (and tired children screaming) I guess we will just plug it in.  Ta-da!"
If I were in charge, I'd shoot fireworks out of the tree.
We had so much fun at the festivities, and my hands were so full with my beautiful babes, that I didn't take many photos. We loved running into so many friends from all over this city!  I am grateful we have such wonderful people in our lives.  

We ended our festive night by watching the ice carving in front of the church.  The artist was working so fast, but the nutcracker was melting even faster!

I hope and pray such beautiful days don't stay away too long this year!

As a side note: that evening as I juggled my three little ones I once again realized I was the only one around with a 1:3 (adult:child) ratio.  Some people call it brave.  Some people call it crazy.  I am learning bravery and craziness often go hand-in-hand.
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