July 20, 2011

Midsummer Night Swing

Every summer Lincoln Center puts on a very fun event called Midsummer Night Swing.  For about 3 weeks every night they have a large outdoor stage set up, dance lessons, big bands, etc.  Even though you have to buy tickets to get onto the dance floor many people come to listen and dance around the plaza.  Every summer we plan to go and every summer it comes and goes and we kick ourselves for not going.  But this summer we did it!  Brian and I got a babysitter one night and swing danced the night away.  Then last Saturday they had a kids dance and we took advantage of that (for only a little while since it was at 3pm on a scorching hot day!).  Another night we kept the kids up and tangoed on the plaza under the stars.

Daddy's Boy

One of my favorite things about being a mom is seeing my kids completely adore their daddy.  It warms my heart so much!  I love it when they yell, "DADDY!" every time someone comes to the door (whether it is Daddy or not).

Oliver actually says, "Dada!  Dada!  Dada!" in a bit of a deep voice.  He loves his daddy so much!  Every time he hears Brian come up the stairs he squeals with delight, anticipating being scooped up and launched into the air.

Last Friday we met Brian at Pier 84 after he got off work and Oliver would not leave his side.  Here are some fun photos of that lovely evening.

She's a runner

And she's very fast!

More Summer Fun

Back in May, or whenever the weather began to be beautiful, Isabella and I made a list of some of the fun things we wanted to do this summer.  We hung it on our apartment door.  The funny thing is we did almost all of them within about a month (all the X's are the ones we've done).  Today Isabella asked when we could make a lemonade stand.  With all this crazy heat I think we should do it soon.

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