August 3, 2009

Favorite Weekend Pics

We had a long, fabulous weekend in Connecticut. I'll add more photos and details later, but here are a few favorite photos captured during our adventures.

Oliver's Blessing

On Sunday, while in Connecticut with all the Carini's, we decided to have Oliver blessed. It was fabulous having so many family members able to bless our little boy--especially Brian. Thank you Brian, for being such an amazing husband and father!

Isabella's Eyes

Isabella's eyes tell me stories. They can be so intense, so sad, so excited, and so loving. Sometimes I think I know her and what she is all about, but then I realize there is an amazing little girl, a completely different soul than mine behind those eyes. A friend, a daughter, a sweet, sweet spirit that I'm barely becoming aquanted with. There are times when I look into those eyes and see such joy. And there are other times, on the not-so-good days, when I look into her searching, innocent eyes and know I need to be a better mom.

Capturing a Smile

Since that first gratifying grin a few weeks ago I've been aggressively attempting to capture Oliver's sweet smile with the camera. It's a tricky thing--keeping eye contact with a newborn while snapping away. But I finally got a good one. Oliver is emerging into a sweet, smiling, mellow boy. Last night I even got a few giggles. LOVE IT!

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