December 15, 2011

Celebrating One Year

Simon's birthday was nice and mellow, just as a first birthday ought to be.  After picking up Isabella from school we ran around Central Park for a bit.  It was lovely out so I took the opportunity to take some photos of my birthday boy.

We picked up a few cupcakes from Crumbs on our way home.  I made a special feast of fried flounder, quinoa, and salad.  (My kids' favorite meal...surprisingly.)  Then I brought out the cupcakes, which became a comedy of errors.  (Brian had to work late--he was home early both nights previously to make up for it).  So it was me, three kids (that's 30 fingers!), chocolate frosting, fire, and a camera!  I had to light that candle at least 5 times.  We sang a few times to Simon, once to Oliver and once to Isabella.  It was hilarious, fun, and a bit exhausting.

He only ate a bite or two. (I think it's the wheat?!)

Like I've said before, I feel like the first birthday is a bit of a celebration of "we did it!"  He'll never remember his first year of life, but we've worked long, hard hours taking care of these three wee ones.  It is a celebration of his first year, but it is also a celebration of our family.  We have all grown so much this last year.  We have become a better, stronger, happier family.  What a wonderful blessing it is having three beautiful children.

It's Christmas time in the city

city scenes found on my iphone

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