January 15, 2008

Manic Mondays

I know today is Tuesday, but I've recently been noticing that my Mondays are awesome and then the rest of the week I'm not quite sure what happens.

Sunday night I went to bed around 9pm woke to the baby at 4am. She went back to sleep without help. (So wonderful!) With seven hours of good solid sleep I felt fantastic. (I don't think I've slept that much since my first trimester of pregnancy.) And I got busy.

The house was a complete mess and all my science stuff was everywhere from the weekend's parties. I got the dishes done, everything put away (the living room floor was literally covered with toys and junk), the laundry going, and took a shower before the baby got up at 7am. I felt good the rest of the day. Organized a few more things, made lunch and took it to Brian, ran errands, and had dinner ready for Brian when he came home in the evening. It was great.

Then today came. Isabella refused to take her nap, she refused to eat anything but applesauce and insisted on feeding herself (which is oh, so messy). I put her to bed early, so she's finally sleeping, Brian's not home yet, the floor is completely covered in toys (again!) and I have no clue what I will make for dinner. And Brian just rang the bell!


Hopefully Wednesday will be wonderful.
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