April 21, 2009


This may not seem like much to you, but her hair is clean...washed...and she's still happily playing in the bath. It may not happen again this year, but today it did. Bath time is a constant battle often remedied with a "sponge bath". But if I am able to persuade her to get into the water she quickly remembers baths can be quite fun.

Washing the hair is another story, probably our biggest challenge at the time; one that I don't understand. (Willfulness and tantrums I at least understand, usually.) Terrifying screams, heartbreaking cries, and frantically clawing her way out of the tub are always the consequence as I begin to clean her locks. Concerned for her physical and psychological well being I am learning to let go. Which means she will sometimes go months without a hair wash.

Today was good. Calm and gentle. Only a few complaints.

She stayed in the tub a good half hour after the cleaning was complete...an all-time record! I guess today was productive; very productive now that I think about it.

Thrown Together

Today I was going to be productive. Get stuff done. Check off my to-do list. I felt the nesting instinct pumping in my blood.

Isabella decided no nap today. I prayed for patience. I was very blessed with patience which meant productivity was nonexistent. It wasn't until she was fast asleep at 8pm that I realized I had not eaten since lunchtime. All of a sudden I felt famished and lightheaded. The fridge was surprisingly empty, the cereal boxes weren't even appealing. I was so hungry I felt sick.

Fortunately patience was still attending me. I whipped up a quick batch of pesto, sliced a tomato, and remembered I had fresh bread. I'm feeling much better.

"Spirituality is nurtured in our actions of patience, kindness, and forgiveness toward each other and in our applying gospel principles in the family circle." Spencer W. Kimball

Bubbles & Blossoms

Last Friday was so incredibly beautiful! We spent the morning blowing bubbles and hanging out with good friends in the Sheep Meadow in Central Park.

Baking Bread

I've been trying out a new (to me) bread recipe. Brian got a dutch oven just for this loaf of bread. It's super easy, but takes some planning ahead (the dough sits for 12-18 hours!).

The texture is the most amazing I've ever made and I'm still working on the salt levels to perfect the flavor. You can find the recipe here.


It's been a while since I brought out the paints. And it was fun to see how Isabella has become more deliberate and thought out in her painting technique.

View From A Park Bench

I gave my aching hips a break while walking home and enjoyed the sunshine in this lovely spot: The Pond in Central Park (CPW & W 103rd St). Click here and here to see photos of this area during the winter and click here and here for fall photos. Yes, I love The Pond, during all seasons.
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