May 10, 2009

Brian's Five Borough Bike Tour

Brian and his brother, Spencer, signed up to do the 42 mile, 5 Borough Bike Tour last Sunday. I'm so impressed that they did it! It's not only a long bike ride, but it rained, and rained, and rained. If any of you have ever ridden a bike in the rain, it's no fun. Talk about grueling!

I must confess I plan on doing the ride next year, as long as the weather is agreeable. I love riding my bike--except on busy NYC streets! I can chalk it up there with the very amazing, very fun, very grueling bike ride we did 5 years ago. We rode 300 miles (in 6 days, on old rail and canal paths) from Pittsburgh, PA to Washington D.C. We use to be so crazy like that! Now we are crazy parents...a very different, very fun adventure!
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