June 16, 2011

Governor's Island: FIGMENT

Last Friday I took the kids out to Governor's Island for a fun art festival called FIGMENT. Despite the longest line ever (full of school groups) to get onto the ferry we really enjoyed our time on the island. It was relaxed and fun, just as it should be. FIGMENT itself was fun and interesting, but I didn't feel like it was worthy of a special trip to Governor's Island. It was more, "if you are going to go, there will be more things to do once you are there". Some of our favorite activities will be at Governor's Island all summer; like The Children's Museum of the Arts.

Here are several photos of our adventure:

Lunch on the ferry.  The lines were so long we missed the first one.

Painting with water.

Silly Putty transfer art.

Postcards for peace.

Don't mess with the bubble gun!


Oliver kept climbing all over this sculpture that had "no climbing" signs posted all over it.  Can't he read?!  I chased after him all the way to the top.  Once.

This was a favorite.  It's made out of bottle caps and makes a fun noise when you pull the rope.


Picnic lunch with Lady Liberty.

This was my favorite.

The coolest golf cart ever.  Gave people rides.  Played cool tunes.
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