January 27, 2012

My Weekend Off (aka My Husband is Awesome!)

Last weekend Brian took Isabella and Oliver up to his parents' house in Connecticut for two whole days.  Originally it was just going to be Brian and Isabella but when Oliver caught wind of what was going on he insisted on being included.  "ME!  Neti-neti-nut!"  He repeated it at least a half dozen times.  Brian wasn't sure how he would juggle two kids on the busy train.  He looked into Oliver's eyes and asked, "Will you be good?"  

Oliver met Brian's stare, "Dyes."

"Will you listen to Daddy?"


"Mommy will be here at home, do you still want to go?"


"Do you really, really, really want to go to Connecticut?"


I've never seen my sweet, happy boy have such serious eyes.  He was committed.  With some slight hesitation Brian agreed.

My mouth said, "Are you sure?"  My heart exclaimed, "YEEHAW!!"  I couldn't believe I was going to have two whole days just me and the babe.

I seriously couldn't believe it.  It snowed most of Saturday which stopped all my plans to go out and run all over the city with just one baby.  (I miss going anywhere, anytime now that I have 3 little ones.)  Instead Simon and I took it easy.  We stayed in.  I made banana muffins.  I relaxed!!!  It was uh-mazing!

When Brian and the kids got back on Sunday I was a whole new me...or should I say, the old me was back.  I felt happy and cheerful again.  I felt renewed.  It was a wonderful break.

Thank you Brian!!!  You are amazing!!!

At Grandma & Grandpa's house.

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