June 6, 2011

The Everything Weekend

This weekend was jammed packed full of fun!  It was one of those weekends where there was so much stuff going on in the city that I wished I could clone myself and do it all.  But no, we had to forgo some fun for other fun, which turned out to be quite fun!

Here's our weekend in (a lot of) photos:

For years I've wanted to take advantage of the free kayaking on the Hudson.  We happened upon it while just walking along the river (at W 72nd St) with no lines, so I did it!  Isabella was nervous at first, proclaiming she wanted to go back and just watch with Daddy, but within minutes she was having a blast and playing captain.

We met up with some of our favorite people, ate lunch at Pier i Cafe, and then frolicked in the grass.

We went to an awesome pirate-princess-party for another favorite little person.  The pirate-princess-party had a perfectly pink pinata, of course!

We went to the World Science Festival in Washington Square Park.  We had fun.  I rubbed elbows with several of my former competition.  And I kept thinking, "I could be here.  I should have a booth."  But reminded myself I am in the most awesome science adventure every day with these three little ones.  The booth can wait; these babies will not.

looking for fossils

playing with center of gravity

making patterns with magna-tiles
 We even stopped briefly at the Housing Works Street Fair and picked out some new books for the kids.

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