October 26, 2005

Evelyn with Christian holding a chick.Posted by Picasa
Sean and me at the top of the hill before we started working at the Ramirez home (Hermana Ramirez is behind us)Posted by Picasa
Hermana Ramirez and her grandson, ChristianPosted by Picasa
Anna Maria was a wonderful guide and driver during our visit to GuatemalaPosted by Picasa
Evelyn, Nancy, Mom, Debbie and me in traditional Mayan skirts. Skirts were purchased in Antigua.Posted by Picasa
Our wonderful friend, guide and translator...Virginia (Sylvia's oldest daughter)Posted by Picasa
Annie taking charge while we try and find the three suitcases (out of twelve) that had clothing in them to go to the people who lost everything in the mudslides. Posted by Picasa
Carlos and his brand new digital camera. He was very pleased with the gift.Posted by Picasa

Nancy and Christian

All our luggage full of donations.
I met up with everyone in Dallas and we all flew to Guatemala City together. Evelyn is resting in the back and Mom is, of course, reading.
Posted by Picasa
Ricardo-Sylvia's 11 year old son. He was a lot of fun to have with us during the weekend.
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