February 29, 2012

Many Mini Miracles

Do you ever have those seasons in life when you are ready to make a change, do great things, resolve to be a better person?  And then the whole world seems to collapse at that same instant and your ready to throw in the towel?

You know, like, flying home from an awesome vacation, but ready to begin anew.  Get a fresh start on life back at home.  I was totally there.  We travelled home from California all day Saturday.  I was excited.  Spring was on the horizon in NYC, I was feeling refreshed and ready to get back into the swing of things...only better.  I was making those resolutions: eat healthy, run every morning, no more shows for the kids, etc.  Sunday was going to be the big day.  I was ready to plow full steam ahead and make life better.

I woke up Sunday morning in pain.  I had the worst sore throat I'd ever experienced; I was pretty certain it was strep.  I was cranky and exhausted.  I couldn't swallow anything.  It persisted.  I couldn't get in to see my doctor until Tuesday.  On Tuesday I woke up my eye was crusted shut.  Strep and pink eye??!!  Come on!

It was time to give up and give in.  I was ready to turn on the movies for the kids while I just sat like a lump on the couch and browsed pinterest.  I headed to the doctor and was there for two stinking hours with my two boys.  (I would have dropped them off at a friend's house, but I was worried they might be sick with what I have.)

What was amazing was the miracles that started to happen:

**Oliver slept the entire two hours in the stroller while at the doctors office.
**I ran into a friend I hadn't seen in years and was inspired and uplifted by her, her spirit and energy.
**I don't have strep.  Only a really bad virus that is attacking my head and throat.  I'm finally feeling better this morning.
**Ibuprofen is amazing!
**My two boys are actually both napping, at the same time, right now!  My insides almost burst with joy when Oliver zonked out watching a "moo-iee" while I cleaned up a bit this morning.

But the biggest miracle of all:

Yesterday after two grueling hours at the doctors office I came home.  I walked in the door.  The lights were on.  I was a little nervous.  It smelled a bit funny too.  And there was a strange sound coming from the kitchen.  I walked into the kitchen and instantly teared up when I saw this:

The Danby Designer Portable Dishwasher
(please excuse Oliver's silly expression:))
(and, yes, that is the actual size of our entire kitchen)
Brian came home during his lunch break (while I was at the doctor) met the delivery guys, set it up, threw the dishes in and let her run.  Isn't she beautiful!  (The funny smell was that glorious scent of a brand spankin' new appliance right out of the box.)

Maybe it is all so silly that I am so in love with this little appliance, but I am.  My heart literally goes pitter-patter when I hear her purr and swish.  (Maybe it's because I'm sick too. ;0))  

I'm sure that day will come when I will take her for granted.  When I've forgotten the many hours I stood at the tiny sink scrubbing dishes.  When beads of sweat would sting my eyes as I scrubbed dishes during the hot, humid summer.  Or when I had to stand, twisted sideways, with my hip to the sink, so I could scrub dishes when I was hugely pregnant.  But for now, and I'm sure for many months years, I will adore this little machine.  I guess my efforts to want what I have, rather that wish for more, have been fairly successful.  I didn't realize how much I really wanted one until now.*  

You know how to win your woman's heart!

*We had  done a lot of research and almost bought this machine (used, off craigslist) a few times, but it never worked out.  And I had, in a sense, given up and just didn't think much about it the last few months.  Life demanded other things and I was content with the abundance I had.  It was a complete surprise!
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