August 20, 2008

Brian's Night Out

Brian is out to a movie tonight with a friend who is in town. I probably should have done the dishes, or cleaned our room, or gone to bed already. But, no, I decided to do this:




...after (front)

...after (back)




...after (a lot shorter and tighter than intended)

Why? Well...Since I run in a few races each year I have tons of t-shirts that I really don't like, but I wear them running anyway, most of the time. Recently I've been thinking I really should get myself a cute running t-shirt and get away from the boxy, stiff boy t-shirts. I've been looking at a few shirts to buy, but I just didn't want to spend the money.

Yesterday I was browsing through Barnes & Noble and came across this book. I was inspired! I only flipped through the book for a couple of minutes, but I got the general idea into my head and then made it happen tonight.

My favorite? It is the first blue one posted, but I really like the racer back of the second blue one too (with the monkey). I can see myself wearing the monkey one more running.


Oh, how I love summer! With all it's sweet, ripe, juicy fruit it gives me! What joy!

Reading Room

On our 6th wedding anneversary Isabella and I met Brian at Bryant Park for some sandwiches, Broadway in the park and then enjoyed sitting in their Reading Room.

Then that night we went out to dinner and then to a comedy show. I was a little nervous about the show, since you are never sure it will be good. (I despise gross, vulgar comics! Really, come on!) But we got lucky and I laughed until I cried. And then we left when the bad one came on, later in the show. If interested, we went to The Broadway Comedy Club on a Thursday night.

I {heart} Summer Streets!!!

How often do you get to stop and look at Mr. Vanderbilt's statue outside Grand Central?
Umm...Never, until Summer Streets!

Isabella putting up with it all. She really enjoyed it most of the time, really!

Spencer & Brian trying out brand new, free roller blade "rentals".

Seriously! One of my all-time favorite things I've done in NYC in the last three years (and we've done a lot of fun stuff!) has been Summer Streets. There's nothing quite like it; riding my bike, with baby and hubby, down Park Avenue with not a single car around! We rode from W 110th St all the way to the Brooklyn Bridge (and back) on streets sans cars. It was such a wonderful, calm, relaxing way to enjoy my favorite city. The weather was fantastic both weekends and Isabella has been a real trouper. We did it two Saturdays already and the last one is this coming Saturday. There are lots of fun free classes, free bike rentals, and such along the route. So, if you haven't tried it yet, GO!!! I really hope they do this again and again! Thank you Mayor Bloomberg!

Last Saturday I had a true New Yorker moment. Someone told me I couldn't ride in a certain area of the park and I was confident and rude right back at her. I'm so proud of myself, 'cause I'm usually such a pushover.

Finger Painting, Again

We tried finger painting again recently. The first time was fun, but so very, very messy. See my post here. This time Isabella seemed to enjoy it more and was able to follow directions better, i.e. don't touch anything!


Some fun summer photos. Also, see Beth's super sweet post about Isabella and her good friend Morgan. They seriously adore each other!
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