April 29, 2013

Visiting Cousins in Louisiana

After we spent a couple of weeks touring around Texas we started to head back east.  It felt a little strange realizing that we had passed the halfway point of our trip.  And we did a lot of re evaluating.  Perhaps more than usual.  I feel like we are always re evaluating; trying to decide if this is the trip we intended and hoped.  And if not, do we need to make changes.  But all that introspection will be for another post, perhaps, someday.

As I was saying...After Texas we headed to the middle of nowhere in Louisiana.  Brian's cousin's family is stationed in Ft. Polk right now.  All our kids are the same ages, get along really well, and we always have a great time when we visit Paula.

Since they are currently living in a RV we all stayed in a small, very rural bed and breakfast.  Allen Acres was a little piece of heaven unexpectedly found in Pitkin, LA.  Since we had been staying primarily in hotels in big cities it was a welcomed relief to spend a few days doing little more than rocking on a porch and watching the kids chase lizards.  I finally felt myself breathe and my heart slow down.  I finally felt comfortable.

Painting turtle shells
Feeding the chickens and gathering eggs for the morning's breakfast.  With Charles, the owner of the b&b, who has the most beautiful southern accent.

Isabella and Isabella ("Bella" & "Izzy" when they are together) are 6 months apart.
I miss that porch and those wonderful cousins.

City Mouse & Country Mouse with muddy feet.
Lidia and Simon are a month apart.

I love Paula!  And still don't know how she got Oliver to eat vegetables.
Loving Paula's farm animals
Oliver and William are a month apart.  Poor William...

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