April 4, 2012

The List

biking 300 miles from Pittsburgh to Washington D.C.
it took us 6 days and a whole lot of ibuprofen
Since this blog is a record of our crazy-awesome lives I feel like I should include the items from the list I made nine years ago.  What amazes me is these items are not little things.  Some are major, life changing accomplishments.  And, this list was simply a brainstorm!  At the time, I was working on putting together some New Year's resolutions and I made a list of some things that I might want to work on that year.  I had intended on picking a few and working on them.
  • live in New York City (This was #1 on my list!)
  • be a good mom (I am so blessed to have my 3 little ones!)
  • be a wonderful wife (hopefully!)
  • run a 10K race (After last year's half marathon, 10K's are so easy now!)
  • be a bike rider (300 miles Pittsburgh to D.C. definitely counts)
  • be a good cook (Brian has been pleasantly surprised)
  • keep in touch with old friends (thank you facebook!)
  • have a garden (I have always had at least some herbs growing in my windows)
  • travel to Europe (we spent a month in France & Italy in 2004)
  • go sailing (I've been on a couple of schooners, which totally qualifies in my book)
  • know my ancestors (Isabella is named after her great, great grandma; whom I've learned much about)
  • learn a different language, go to that country and speak it (Spanish=Guatemala, Italian=Italy)
  • teach  (check!)
  • take lots of photographs (this list was pre-digital cameras.  Crazy, right?)
  • visit family often (this has been a priority for Brian and me)
  • eat healthy foods (I'm amazed how much healthier I eat now)
  • learn to sew (wow!)
  • see Niagara Falls (Brian and I did this for our first anniversary
  • stay in a cottage by the sea in Maine in the summer (this was so specific, but two summers ago we did it, thanks to Brian's aunt Marjorie!)
  • go to Vermont (I love Vermont!)
  • have a passport (yup!)
  • have my own business (I still can't believe this one!)
Some items that I am still working on, and will perhaps always work on (in addition to some already listed above):
  • be positive
  • have charity
  • have strong muscles
  • smile
  • know the scriptures well
  • attend the temple regularly
In the next few years I hope to check these ones off:
  • go snorkeling in the Caribbean
  • go to Victoria, B.C.
  • go to Navoo
  • live in a home with a big yard and lots of sunlight
  • play my violin for others
  • learn to play the piano
  • go rafting through the Grand Canyon
After reviewing this list several times I want to make a new one!  I had no idea the power that comes from writing these things down.  I'm going to start a new "Life List" today.
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