June 1, 2012

Newport, Rhode Island

While we were at the Carini's home in CT Brian's aunt informed us she had a timeshare in Newport that she was going to use only for a few days. And offered the rest of the week to us, if we wanted. We jumped with joy, booked a rental car and headed east. Well, I should say, the kids and I did. Brian had to go back to New York to earn money so his wife and kids can take spontaneous vacations. ;)

The photos are of our day today. It rained in the morning and threatened to more the rest of the day.

--The sunrise on the harbor from our living room.
--Save the Bay Aquarium (a small educational space with touch tanks)
--cute kids by the beach
--Oliver rolling in the sand 2 seconds (literally) after I said,"don't get dirty; we are about to get back in the car!"
--Simon making sure we know he is 18 months old, by throwing tantrums every few minutes.
--playground play
--proving that I am actually in Newport too.

Not pictured:
--scenic ocean drive when I attempted to get 1-3 children to sleep. I was 100% unsuccessful.
--swimming in the resort pool. 3:1 ratio is not recommended when going to a pool.
--the hunt for ice cream. I made the mistake of promising an ice cream cone after an early dinner. And not realizing all ice cream vendors near enough to walk to were closed by 5pm. And then settled on an overpriced, lousy piece of cheesecake.

Last Day in Newport

Our last day in Newport was beyond perfect. We went to Sweet Berry Farm, Green Animals Topiary Garden, and the played at the beach until way past dinner time.
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