August 11, 2010

A Step Back in Time

Last week we had a car in New York City.  It was fun and we tried to take advantage of cool stuff that is hard to get to via public transportation.  On Wednesday we went and explored Fosterfields Living Historical Farm.  It was better than I expected; not just another trip to see farm animals, but an actual working farm.  Men in denim and straw hats harvesting oats from the field with horse and wagon.  Okay, it did feel a bit like Amish Country.  But the kids were encouraged to participate in feeding the chickens, gathering eggs, watch the cows being milk, learn to wash laundry, etc.  We really loved it.

One thing is I wished I had planned a bit better.  It was about lunch time when we arrived and we weren't allowed to bring any food onto the farm (for the safety of the animals) so we didn't last long before the kids were super grouchy.  And it was a deadly hot day, so that only exacerbated the grumpiness.  A lot of the hands on demos and hands on activities were scheduled 2:30-5pm and we just didn't last that long.  So, I hope to go back again, maybe in the fall and be more prepared, so we can enjoy it even longer.

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