June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Yes, this is slightly belated.  But, here, we aim to make everyday Father's Day.  Okay, not really, but we should.  We should praise and honor Brian for the amazing dad that he is; every day!  It is something I want to improve on!

He works so hard.  He dedicates so much of his time, energy, and life working so that his kids (and me too) can have such an abundant, wonderful life.  We are very blessed by Brian's dedication to our family.  He would much rather be running around chasing the kids or teaching them new things.  He has an amazing talent of teaching complex ideas to Isabella and Oliver in a way that they comprehend and understand.  He can captivate them while teaching them about gravity or the four states of matter.  Seriously!

He's the most creative, loving, patient, intelligent, dedicated, talented, and perfect father I have ever met.  I'm so blessed to have him as my partner in this crazy thing called parenthood.

Brian was made to be a fantastic daddy!  He's fulfilling that challenging calling perfectly.

Brian is...
the perfect playmate
an amazing teacher
a comforter of sick, tired boys
a rider of carousels
a lover of hot chocolate
a creator of wonderful memories
an adventurer
a very fun uncle
a lover of boats, trains, planes, rockets, etc.
an amazing example of goodness
a giver of wisdom
a creator of much laugher
a juggler of many busy bodies
a champion wrestler
a strong guiding hand
an explorer
a daddy who loves his little New Yorkers with all his heart.

Brian, we love you, adore you and miss you!  Thank you for all the amazing moments you share with us!

*all photos were taken in the last 4 months...I could go on and on!
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