June 19, 2009

Vote Big Fish!

My super talented brother, Seth McOmber, has a submission up on Threadless. He needs your vote to win! If you've never visited Threadless it is a really fun site with lots of unique, cool designs on t-shirts and such. You do need to create an account to vote, but they won't hassle you with e-mails. He's the brother (I have five of them, if you didn't know) that created my Science Explorers logo for me. I really love his work!

Go vote!

 - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

June 17, 2009

Isabella, My Joy!

Brian put this video together last night. I watched it this morning and I loved it so much I cried all the way through! Isabella loves it too...of course! (Although she was a bit confused why I was crying.)

Oliver: Day 5

June 15, 2009


born Thursday, June 11 at 5:36pm
9 pounds, 2 ounces, 21 inches

Welcome baby boy! We are so glad you've finally come!

Here's his story:

On Thursday morning I realized I was having minor contractions so I went to the hospital and checked in at 10am. After several hours of labor I was not dilating past 5 cm, but the contractions were becoming more intense and closer together. (This is similar to Isabella's birth.) At 3pm I asked for an epidural.

Drug relief finally arrived around 4pm. (Oh, how good those drugs felt!) As soon as I began to feel relief from pain we lost the baby's heartbeat, my heart rate dropped fast and the doctors and nurses became very intense and focused. With a shot of ephedrine into my IV and oxygen mask pulled over my face I watched the nurse as she moved the monitor around my belly searching...searching...searching. Nothing...no heartbeat. I cried.

After an eternity of searching, a faint heartbeat came back onto the monitor. Luckily it came back strong. A little after 5pm my doctor arrived; her on-call shift had started! After being checked again I was finally open and the baby was moving down the birth canal. But with each contraction his heartbeat would drop. She wasn't sure what was wrong but knew he needed to get out soon. She sat at the foot of the bed, got everyone in position and had me push. I pushed and pushed and pushed. She wanted that baby out NOW!

It was the craziest, most intense moment I've ever experienced. Brian said Oliver came out deep, dark purple. The cord was wrapped completely around him. Once his head was out and the doctor saw the cord wrapped up tight (holding him hostage) she reached inside me with scissors and cut the cord so I could push him the rest of the way out. I had to push about 10 superman, do-this-or-you-will-die pushes before he was finally out.

After all post delivery tasks were taken care of, and Oliver was well, my doctor said, "That was one of the more dramatic deliveries I've ever had. I'll definitely remember that one."

I am very grateful for Dr. Bradley's skill, knowledge and expertise. Looking back, I also recognize there were many heavenly hands helping Oliver and me during those intense moments. We are so blessed all ended well in the delivery room.

Our sweet, little Oliver is such a treasure! We are so glad he has finally arrived!

June 10, 2009

While Waiting--Getting Out

Last night we went to the Museum Mile Festival on 5th Ave. I took the subway down to midtown, met Brian at Columbus Circle. Then we walked and walked and walked. It was fun to see all the performers, friends, and neighbors.

While Waiting--Simple Splurges

Oh, baby boy, why wait so long?! Even though it is fun using the excuse, "I'm overdue!" to indulge myself in some simple pleasures I would much rather indulge myself by holding you (as much as I love ice cream...).

these cherries were a bit pricey, but oh so fantastic!

I had never bought a bouquet of peonies before.
So lovely.

a whole lot of ice cream
this is Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Therapy
aptly named

taxi! taxi!

this overdue babe is costing me a fortune in taxi rides
(Sometimes it's the only way I can convince myself to get out, "I can just grab a cab home if I'm tired." And, well, I'm always tired!)

June 7, 2009

While Waiting--Walking the City

Saturday was absolutely beautiful. We left at 9:30am and got home around 6:30pm. It's been a while since we've spent the whole day out and about and I loved it! (Although my hips are aching something terrible now.) June 4th was the due date, I'm now 4 days late, and we walked about 4 miles total. And, still waiting...

Here are some photo highlights from our day in the city:

Starting off with a (silly) protein shake.

Housing Works was having huge sale: all books $1, bag full of clothes $20.
I scored some great kids books, but skipped the clothes.
This was down in Soho; Crosby & Houston Streets


Call me silly, but I'm always amazed there's actually dirt under this city of cement.

Washington Square Park
I'm so glad all the renovations are finished and the fountain is working!

Baby boy: 40 weeks +3 days
Isabella: pure joy

Union Square Greenmarket

Madison Square Park

All tuckered out.

Other highlights:

The new, carfree Broadway
(photo found on flickr)

Dogmatic--gourmet sausages in a baguette with delicious sauces. We were hesitant to try it out, but the place was busy, we took a chance and really liked it! Give it a try if you are near Union Square (26 E 17th St.)

June 5, 2009

While Waiting--Getting Out

No baby yet and I'm getting antsy. (Yesterday was the due date...) So the last couple of mornings, with the weather being so nice, I've worked hard to get us out of the apartment early and go do something (other than a playground).

On Wednesday we went to the Central Park Zoo. It was overcrowded with school groups but we had a great time. It's a very small zoo but we loved the polar bear, penguins, puffins, and sea lions. In the children's/petting area Isabella was actually brave enough to put her hand close to a goat. It licked her hand, she jumped, ran a safe distance away but was gleefully nervous about it. I was proud of her for trying something new and "a little bit 'cary".

I wasn't great with taking photos, but hey, there's only so much a huge belly, toddler wrangling mama can do.

Yesterday our adventure was to the American Museum of Natural History. Isabella wanted to see the elephants. I was trying to teach her a couple of things while we gazed at the mammoth stuffed beasts.

Me: "Who has bigger ears, you or the elephant?"
Isabella: "Elephant bigger ears Isabella! Mommy ears bigger Isabella. Mommy ears like elephant!"
Me: "You think I have big ears like an elephant?!"
Isabella: "Yes!"

There you have it! I thought I only had a belly the size of an elephant (and now I'm working on that 22 month gestation period), but according to Isabella I have ears the size of an elephant!

We also stopped to look at the okapi for a few minutes. I'm hoping we can make it to the Bronx Zoo a couple of times this summer and look at the real/alive okapi. I find them quite beautiful.

Me: "Isabella, can you say, 'okapi'?"
Isabella: "Okapi! Okapi wear tights, like Isabella!"
Me: "It looks like the okapi are wearing tights just like you do?"
Isabella: "Yes. Going church!"
Me: "Oh, awesome!"

And a cute picture of Isabella hanging out, living our urban lifestyle.

From the mouth of strangers. All yesterday morning. I'm not exaggerating...I live in New York City:

How many babies in there?
Any day now?
How many months? (3 times!)
It's a boy. Am I right? I know I have experience.
When are you due? (twice)
Can I touch it? (or sometimes they don't ask...and just reach...yikes!)
Twins, right?
I wasn't sure if you were going to get up. (After I squatted down to help Isabella.)
Congratulations. (twice)
You're not gonna have that thing on the train are you? I have an appointment to get to.

My favorite: "Would you like my chair?" That one made my day. Thank you, young Asian man!
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