March 23, 2010

Oliver: 9 Months

Eeek!  Oliver is on-the-move!  No, he's not crawling.  No, he's not scooting.  He just moves, ever so slyly.  It's freaky and funny at the same time.  He likes to sit on the floor and play with toys.  Whenever I glance over at him, he's still sitting, just in a different spot.  I try and watch him--catch him in the act--buy he just reaches for toys, twists around, stretches and reaches some more.  I look away for 2 minutes and all of a sudden he's right by me!  I jump, "Whoa, where did you come from?!"  He just smiles, his huge, gummy smile.  I'm totally excited for him.  At the moment he's discovering how much easier it is to get around on the hardwood floor rather than the carpets I normally plunk him down on.

Now I'm thinking I should really be cleaning.  He's gotten much farther today than ever before!

Yes, this is terribly late, and not a great photo, but I have my excuses.  I'll spare you...this time!

Besides his super stealth moves he's also:

using his hands to communicate: waves "bye" and "all-done"
gets quite upset if you take something from him
loves to drink water, and spit it out
prefers watching his food fall to the floor instead of putting it in his mouth
laughs hysterically at his sister
often prefers sitting on the floor, playing with toys than being held
become more of a picky eater, but has fallen in love with cheese and crackers

Okay, he just got into the dirty laundry...
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