September 11, 2010

Oh, Oliver!

He turns 15 months old today!!! Freak out!

He loves:
Learning new signs
Anything Isabella has
Acting like a gorilla
Giving kisses
Cuddling with Mama
Dancing with Daddy
Brushing his teeth
Charming all who make eye contact with him
Flexing his muscles
Throwing food
Being tickled


About a week ago he took his first steps for my good friend, Shelley.
Now he'll take a step or two every day, but not as much as he did for
her. Silly boy!

He is more of a handful every day as he becomes his own strong-willed,
determined little man. But, oh how I love him more each moment as I
learn and understand (hopefully) who he is and who he will become. He
constantly charms me with his contagious smile. Each night as I rock
him before bed he rests his head on my shoulder, whispers sweet babble
talk in my ear and kisses me gently on the cheek. Then he blows a loud
raspberry on my neck and we both laugh hysterically. "Oh, Oliver!"

My little maestro:

Cousin Love

I can't sleep, so I figure I'll post a bit via my phone. One of the
main goals for my month long all-you-can-jet trip is to visit some of
the most amazing people in my life.

These two gorgeous gals are my amazing nieces: Emma & Mary. Mary
(holding Oliver) leaves in a few hours to start her life's biggest
adventure (so far) at BYU Hawaii. (I believe she is currently out
partying with friends right now. Crazy girl!)

The age gap between Mary and me is about the same as between Isabella
and Mary. As I watch Isabella completely adore and mimic her older
cousins I wonder if I had a similar influence on my nieces at that
age. As a young auntie I loved doting on my cute, little nieces. But
one of the unknown consequences of going away to school was that they
grew up too fast while I was away. Studying, boys, friends, work, etc.
quickly replaced my playtime time with these girls. My relationship
was never quite as strong as a result.

Isabella loves these girls with as much passion as a little (almost)
four year old can possess. At night as Isabella prepares to fall
asleep we talk about what good things she is going to dream about.
Frequently she quietly whispers, "Mary and Emma."

We will miss Mary!!! But we are so excited for her and this big new
adventure! I am sure she will handle the challenges that inevitably
come with the grace and charm she has developed over the last few
years of growing up.

And I hope we can visit her soon! Because, you know, Isabella needs
some cousin bonding Hawaii.

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