September 11, 2010

Oh, Oliver!

He turns 15 months old today!!! Freak out!

He loves:
Learning new signs
Anything Isabella has
Acting like a gorilla
Giving kisses
Cuddling with Mama
Dancing with Daddy
Brushing his teeth
Charming all who make eye contact with him
Flexing his muscles
Throwing food
Being tickled


About a week ago he took his first steps for my good friend, Shelley.
Now he'll take a step or two every day, but not as much as he did for
her. Silly boy!

He is more of a handful every day as he becomes his own strong-willed,
determined little man. But, oh how I love him more each moment as I
learn and understand (hopefully) who he is and who he will become. He
constantly charms me with his contagious smile. Each night as I rock
him before bed he rests his head on my shoulder, whispers sweet babble
talk in my ear and kisses me gently on the cheek. Then he blows a loud
raspberry on my neck and we both laugh hysterically. "Oh, Oliver!"

My little maestro:

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