January 20, 2011

It's 3pm and I'm still in my p.j.s

Yes, that is right.  It is 3pm and I have not gotten dressed yet.  And, no, it is not out of laziness.  Quite the opposite.  My hands have not been free for one moment today.

Before anyone knew I was pregnant with Simon I asked a friend (an amazing mother of 5) which was the harder adjustment: going from 1 to 2 kids or 2 to 3?  She quickly responded, "2 to 3!"  Then she gave me some advice.  She said make sure you do two things everyday: 1-make sure you feed your kids and 2-make sure your kids know you love them when they go to bed at night.  If you do those two things you'll have had a good day.  If you do more, great, if not, not a problem.  After that simple advice she tearfully explained that the 16 months when she had three little ones at home (before her oldest started kindergarten) were the best 16 months of motherhood for her.  She was so focused on her little brood and such joy came from that simplicity.

I have taken my friend's advice very seriously.  I still get laundry done, make meals, and shower (most days).  But when things get a little wild, or three wee ones are begging for my attention I feel comfortable and confident dropping everything.  (Going with the flow is not something that comes naturally for me.)  The dishes are rarely 100% done and that's okay.  Those dishes won't change and will still be waiting to be cleaned no matter what happens.  But my three children, they won't stop changing!  It has been almost two weeks since my mom left and I've tried too keep our days very simple.  And, so far, the simplest of days have been amazing and wonderful.  Do I dare say the best days of motherhood, so far?  Perhaps.

P.S.  I'm typing this one handed while holding Simon in the other.  Him and sleep are not cooperating today.  And that's why I'm still in my p.j.s at 3pm.
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