September 30, 2011

Ceci's Wedding

My sweet, beautiful, amazing niece, Cecile, got married last weekend.  She is the oldest of the oldest (on both sides of her family), so it felt monumental in so many ways.  It also made me feel old.  How can my baby niece be married?!  Granted, I was 12 years old when she was born and she is only 21 years old.  But still...I was taking care of her only yesterday!

Brian was so good to watch Isabella and Oliver for the weekend while Simon and I flew to Seattle and back.  I had such a great time.  All my siblings, except one, could make it: 6 out of 7 of us were there!  I was reminded how much I love, love, love my brothers and sister.  They are the funniest people!  I love them to bits and miss them so much.  There's nothing quite like being around a bunch of crazy, funny people just like you.  They totally get me!  (Even if I was adopted. :))

I loved being able to see Ceci marry Josh in the temple for eternity and begin her family with such a strong foundation.

I loved that I arrived earlier than everyone else and got to hang out with family for just a bit before all wedding craziness ensued.

I loved that everyone finally met, adored, held, kissed, etc my sweet Simon.  I loved that Brooks (my oldest brother and father of the bride) was crawling on the floor delightfully chasing and wrestling with Simon within minutes of our arrival.

I loved that all my teenage nieces greeted me like I am a superstar.  I love those girls!

It was very touching to watch my oldest brother as he experienced the intense feelings that came with watching his daughter grow up.

It was an amazing, wonderful weekend.

Here are a lot of my favorite photos:

The beautiful bride and Sophie (her mom).
All the cousins that were able to make it.
I love Simon's expression.
The beautiful Mary!
The siblings:
Brooks (the bride's dad), me, Anika, Seth, Sean & Kayle.
Brett (Sean's twin) was missing.
I loved getting to spend so much solo time with my sweet Simon.
Mom and her grandkids.
The glamorous Emma!
The reception was beautiful.
I laughed.  I cried.  I ate a lot of delicious food.
Brooks gave a touching & hilarious speech about Ceci and her big day.
We said farewell to the bride and groom with tons of sparklers lighting the path to their car.

Right Now

Loving the beautiful morning at an empty playground.
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