January 14, 2011

Simon: 1 month

It can not be possible that our sweet Simon is already a month old!  Time is flying all too quickly.  His face has changed so much: cheeks filling out, eyes open and staring.  Yesterday he smiled for the first time!  He has the most precious smile.

Simon is adored by Isabella.  She loves to help with everything and as I watch her closely I'm becoming more comfortable and confident letting her.  Yesterday as I was bundling up Oliver to go outside she gently put Simons socks and booties on.

Oliver usually does really well with Simon too.  He asks to hold Simon and will do so for maybe a minute everyday.  Oliver will help by pushing Simon's binky into Simon's mouth and carrying dirty diapers to the trash for me.  Yesterday Simon was laying on the couch while the kids were playing and I was doing a few dishes.  I turned around and Oliver was up on the couch, next to Simon, giving him tender kisses on his forehead.  Moments like that melt my heart.

Simon is such a sweet baby.  We all love and adore him and are grateful he is finally a part of our family.  I feel complete with him here as well as challenged to be a better mother.
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