October 3, 2010

Kennewick with Cousins

We fly back home to NYC tomorrow night on a red eye. (Jetblue only
does red eye flights from Sacramento to JFK...as if you were still
questioning my sanity.)

I plan to download and post tons of photos from my Nikon soon. But we
will see if that really happens.

More important things on my return home schedule:
--give tons of hugs and kisses to Brian
--get back on decent sleeping/eating schedule
--Isabella's birthday (oct 7) and party (oct 16)
--start a homeschool preschool for Isabella
--enjoy the beautiful fall days in Central Park

For now, just sharing this photo of the kids playing with cousins,
Silas and Gillian, in Kennewick, WA. It looks like Isabella is posing
as a boat model...cracks me up!

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