January 15, 2011


We finally got a sled!  (Thanks Roseanna!)  And the kids (Daddy included) had a blast this morning.  We found the perfect hill for a 4 year old to climb up and sled down on her own.  Isabella ran up and sledded down at least a million times (I'm sure!).  Oliver is now addicted to sledding.  He squealed, giggled, and laughed the whole time (except when his mittens fell off).  He actually used the word "no!" when we asked if he was ready to go home and said the word "boots" today too.  So, I've decided sledding is beneficial for language development (at least for Oliver).

I was designated photographer, Simon carrier and speeding sled stopper.  Here are several favorite photos:

On our street, headed to Central Park.  Have a mentioned I love where we live?!!!

P.S.  I'm grateful for warm snow clothes for my kids (mostly from generous friends and family) so they can have so much fun in the snow without freezing!

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