May 29, 2009

Comparing Bellies

Since my belly really doesn't fit under any shirts any more, which makes it hard to get out much. I was curious...was my belly this big with Isabella? I remember it being big, but this gut is enormous. So here are some photos:

Isabella--39 weeks

baby boy--39 weeks
Isabella--40 weeks

baby boy--39 weeks
Isabella 41 weeks

What do you think?

Just visited the doctor again this morning and she seems pretty certain he'll come any day...he just needs to drop and get into that birth canal. Sunday and Monday are when my doctor is on call, so I'm doing all possible mental exercises to have this baby Sunday night. I already walk a ton around the city, but this weekend is going to be beautiful, so I'm walking everywhere! Help me out ladies: pray and send all your fantastic birthing vibes my way Sunday night. This boy has got to come!

Memorial Day

We packed Memorial Day with a ton of stuff. Brian and Spencer (his brother) biked from our place in Harlem, over the beautiful George Washington Bridge, through the Palisades to Piermont, NY.

Isabella and I drove to Piermont and met them there. If you haven't been to Piermont yet, I highly recommend it. It's only about a half hour drive outside the city and one of the nicest little towns. (Walk down the pier, kayak through the marsh, go house gazing. Quite lovely.)

While the guys finished their bike ride we played in a sweet, quiet, rural playground. I learned something new about my little girl: she's not fond of crowded playgrounds. Usually, in the city she sticks pretty close to me at playgrounds (they are always crowded) and doesn't even play much, mostly watches the other kids. But as soon as we were in this one, with only a couple mellow kids, she was off exploring on her own.

After grabbing hot dogs and hamburgers for lunch from a local Baptist Church Memorial Day fundraiser we headed to Tarrytown (across the river) and found an ice cream shop we love. Main Street Sweets! Love their homemade ice cream! The chocolate is really, really fabulous.

Last Memorial Day we were actually here with my mom, so now it is tradition...and must be continued! I'm so glad and surprised we found it again.

Isabella got her own cone for the very first time. She enjoyed every bit of it, as you can see. And she was sweet enough to share a few licks of that delcious chocolate with her mama.

When we got back into Manhattan we headed down to the Pier 88 for Fleet Week and toured the aircraft carrier. I love going to things like this with Brian and Spencer because they talk to all the guys (soldiers? pilots? servicemen? warriors? teenagers?) and we learn a ton about what goes on. Like how "this helicopter" is used to find mines underwater and all the details involed. Or how "that 4 ft long bullet with the blunt end" is used to shoot tanks hiding under the sand in Iraq, but the one with the pointed end...

Umm...I'm not so happy with my little girl touching a gun, let alone sticking her fingers down the barrel!

And to finish off a fantastic, fun day (yet very exhausting for me) we went and played in our favorite fountain at Pier 84.

(photo taken by Spencer)

But as much as she loves fountains, they just are not as fun with the cool evening breeze off the Hudson. I love that sweet face!

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