July 23, 2008

Restaurant Week Day 3: Mesa Grill

Our reservation was for 1pm and Brian called at 12:30 saying he had to skip out today since work was so busy. He was slightly surprised I still went by myself. Why not?! I already had a babysitter and was already out the door, on my way. What else would I have for lunch?!

It was a different experience eating alone, but I enjoyed it. I had brought with me some brainstorming work to do, so it was really pleasant to sit in a fancy, busy restaurant, eating delicious food and coming up with ideas. I highly recommend it!

The second photo above was taken, oh so nonchalantly, with my iPhone. (So i would remember what I ate. Can you read it? There was very little light.)

I had Sophie's Chopped Salad, Cornmeal Crusted Chile Relleno, and Warm Chocolate Coconut Cake. First off, if I wasn't allergic to avocados I probably would have gone with the Spicy Salmon appetizer. And since the soup didn't call out to me I chose to have the salad. It was good and reminded me of a salad my Aunt Ann would often make when I was growing up. She called it Chef Salad. I really liked the Chile Relleno. Full of flavor, spicy, and it was filling; I couldn't even finish it. The chocolate cake was good but nothing special, until I made sure every bite had the coconut creme and pineapple ice cream. Tastey!

Once again, good, delicious food. But no "WOW's". Both the salad and the chile relleno I felt I could probably cook well at home if I had the recipe (and patience).
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