July 30, 2008


Yes, I love to pick blueberries! And I love to eat them. Right off the bush, the next day, or months later when they have been frozen. My good friend Sarah joined us on our trip to "the country" last weekend. There is really nothing to compare to the peace and joy blueberry picking brings on a beautiful summer day. Hopefully I have enough to last through the winter (11 quart size ziploc bags full).


When you see a crowd forming in the West Village, what do you do? We were curious (assuming it wasn't street performers), so we had to find out. It was all the paparazzi, focused on Lindsay Lohan and her girlfriend. We were so entertained, not by Lindsay (no thanks!), but by watching the paparazzi move and sway together, trying to get that perfect shot. These photos really don't do the moment justice.

Restaurant Week Day 4: Eleven Madison Park

Two years ago I had a reservation for dinner (during restaurant week) at Eleven Madison Park, but ended up canceling it since I knew I wouldn't enjoy it as much as I should since the reservation was for 10pm and I was 7 months pregnant and could fall asleep by 8pm every night if I had the opportunity. Pregnancy in NYC, during the summer is absolutely exhausting!

My attempt to discretely take a photo of the menu...for you!
Can you read it?

After going there last Thursday I'm so bummed I canceled that reservation two years ago. I LOVED it! It was all so fabulous. We weren't crammed in like cattle, our waitress spent a ton of time, happily telling us about all the dishes, and the food was really, really good. I felt like a million dollars!

This is the Salmon Escabeche...so good!

Brian got the tuna with heirloom tomatoes, the skate (which is a fish, if you weren't sure), and the cheesecake. The tuna dish was amazing, the skate was very good, and the cheesecake nice and creamy, just the way I like it!

I had the salmon, which was delicious and light. Then I got the lamb which was a bit heavy for the summer, but it had tons of good flavors.
I loved the other parts of that dish: the eggplant and tomato confit. For dessert I had the honey glazed peach which was fabulous!

Brian says Gotham Bar & Grill is still his favorite, but I'm really leaning toward Eleven Madison Park as mine. Both had great food, but I really love the atmosphere of Eleven Madison Park so much more.

Please forgive the poor quality of the photos...I only had my iPhone.
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