September 12, 2009

Going the Distance

Carrying my sweet, big boy Oliver for 41 weeks really took a lot out of me. (Remember this and this.) I feel so fortunate to have had a quick recovery and the summer to work on getting back into shape. I delivered him 3 months ago yesterday. (New photos soon!)

So today I ran in a race. I was afraid I might have been pushing too hard, but I did it and I feel GREAT! It was a 4 mile run in Central park and I finished in 36 min/4 sec. (My goal was 36 min!!!)

Below is a photo from May 2005, when I was in top physical condition. Brian, Spencer and I were on a 300 mile bike ride from Pittsburgh, PA to Washington, D.C. I thought that ride was going to kill me, but I did it and I felt so strong. I actually think of this photo often as I'm running in the mornings.

I'm finally feeling strong again and I love it!

1 comment:

  1. I thought of that trek you took when we drove our route from PA to MD recently. I'm still impressed by it!

    great job on your race! I'm 25 weeks and dreading the hugeness another THREE MONTHS will bring....


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